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We offer monthly workshops in our studio in Lisbon and outside in Europe.

Surf the board you made with your hands.

During 3 full days you will learn how to build your own wooden surfboard from start to finish. The shapes can be 100% customized.

No particular skills are needed. During those 3 days you will learn about:

  • the use of specific woodworking tools.

  • the art of surfboard design and shaping

  • the software used to design the boards.

  • (glassing techniques)

"Classic" surfboards are normally glassed after the shaping stage. Glassing means laying down fiberglass and several layers of resin, lots of work, sanding, and releasing poluting substances and dust.


Since the birth of Ondanova we are trying to find solutions to decrease and even remove the use of those harmfull products.


We are happy to annouce that we can now propose a technique baptised HOTDOG requiring 75% less epoxy, using cork for the rails which is natural and local here in Portugal and flaxfiber to reinforce the inside of the structure. The boards aren't glassed on the outside, but only made waterproof with a mix of natural oils and waxes.This solution presents several advantages:

  • no waste or harmfull dust

  • faster and easier to build

  • safer process

  • gives flexibility to the structure, thus to your surf

  • Your surfboard will be ready to surf 2 or 3 days after the workshop, instead of several weeks/months in case of glassing


We will still propose the classic glassed version of our wooden boards during workshops. In this case we can put you in contact with a local glasser after the workshop. Prices are a bit less expensive for unglassed boards, they don't included the glassing job.

Check our agenda to find future workshops and their location. Private classes are also possible. And if you think you could host a workshop please contact us. What we need is a roof, around 60 sqm of surface and electricity.

Next workshops

17-19 February 2023 - Studio Ericeira

10-12 March 2023 - Studio Ericeira

       Private workshops all year long in our studio


The price includes the course and all material to build your wooden surfboard, not included is the stay, food and transport. The value is based on the length of the board you want to build, the technique used and calculated using the following formulas:

Unglassed version : 150€ + 70€/foot

HOTDOG technique : 150€ + 90€/foot

On top of that price add :

+ 200€ for workshops outside of Portugal

+ 10€ per fin box

+ extra depending on special paint or art-job



HOTDOG 5'8'' fish with twin Futures plugs, workshop in Lisbon = 692€

HOTDOG 7' mid-length with single fin box, workshop in France = 990€

9'4'' noserider with single fin box, unglassed, workshop in Brussels = 1018€

Fixed price for Alaïas and Païpos:

Alaïa= 390€

Païpo= 190€



Contact us on if you wish to inscribe or if you have any question.

In order to confirm your inscription we ask a deposit of 100€.


Last day of inscription: one week before the workshop starts / two weeks for workshops outside Portugal.

If you want to have a better idea of the final product don’t hesitate to come and visit us!

Past workshops


22 January - Seignosse @ Shaper

15 January - Seignosse @ Shaper

18 December - Brussels

11 December 2020 - Brussels

24 November 2020 - Lisbon studio

4 November 2020 - Lisbon studio

14 August 2020 - Hossegor

31 July 2020 - Brussels

11 July 2020 - Brussels

15 December 2019 - Brussels

6 December 2019 - Brussels

11 October 2019 - Lisbon

13 September 2019 - Azurara

20 June 2019 - Porto

8 June 2019 - Lisbon studio

10 May 2019 - Lisbon studio

12 April 2019 - Lisbon studio
8 March 2019 - Lisbon studio

15 February 2019 - Lisbon studio

25 January 2019 - Lisbon studio

14 December 2018 - Lisbon studio

23 November 2018 - Lisbon studio

19 October 2018 - Lisbon studio

28 September 2018 - Guéthary 

14 September 2018 - Estoril w/SurfOut 

10 August 2018 - Lisbon Portugal

20 July 2018 - Lisbon Portugal

31 May 2018 - Lisbon w/FICA

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