Marcio, Antoine and Jannis, 2017

Hollow wooden surfboards, built by Antoine Thys in Lisbon, Portugal. 

Ondanova surfboards was born from the desire to live on something that feels more consistant. The passion of crafting functional art with all the emotions that goes along with the process. Building our own tools and games gives a feeling of independence and freedom, using them intensifies it even more.


As main material, wood brings new challenges. The techniques and systems are refined board after board, and today wooden surfboards are comparable to their foam sisters. As surfers, using wood also narrows the paradoxal gap between our love for the ocean and letting more plastic afloat. The future is seen as a combination of incorporating more of those sustainable materials, and building more from our own hands.

Ondanova is a place you are welcome to visit, not only about surfboards, it is about sharing knowledge and diversity of ideas, artistic expression, comparing techniques and designs, testing together in the water, refining and doing it again.

Rua Conceição Sameiro Antunes 26E, 2805-122 Almada, Portugal

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